Heavenly Resources for Family Life

Mamala Media was created to celebrate parenthood in the way we know best. With fun-filled lyric videos, children’s books, and parenting tools - we are invested in your family. Our heart is to bring the experience of God’s love to children of every age.

Behind The Name


Our company name, Mamala Media, was born out of a combination of “Mama” and “la” - two of my favorite sounds, each with significant meaning.

“Mama”, a more global way of saying Mom, is also a term of deep and abiding love used in various parts of the world when addressing one’s children, both girls and boys. Many parents in the Middle East, Near East and Africa, awaken their children with the phrase “mama, mama, time to wake up”, all while gently nudging them out of their slumber. It’s a loving way to wake little ones out of their sleep to face the day. “La” is another global term of endearment. When adding “la” to the end of someone’s name it becomes a way of addressing that person with affection…as in Bobbyla or Cindyla. Coming from a European and Middle Eastern background myself, I heard this term in my own family for years. It always warms my heart when someone calls me Cassiela! Try adding “la” to the end of your child’s name or your own name and see how cozy and fun it sounds!

The mash-up of the beautiful word “Mama” and the endearing term “la” has become “Mamala”, as in our company name, Mamala Media.